by Limited Labs: A Ketogenic Sports Drink review


Disclaimer – Limited Labs sent me a Beta Test pack of to review. This contained 6 packets, 2 of each of the 3 flavours.

About Limited Labs

They are a new “Performance Lifestyle Organization”, their first product was a nootropic called Dragon.

Their second product is aimed at the endurance athletes market, and is the product I am reviewing.


It is a Ketogenic Sports Drink that includes Ketones in the form of Beta Hydroxybutyrate, and electrolytes. As well as natural flavours and sweeteners (mainly Stevia). They recommend it is taken before strenuous or endurance based exercise. When the product is rolled out fully it will be available through retail outlets and online, in bottle and mix powder form. They do state the drink isn’t just for Ketogenic Dieter’s, however I presume that’s the market that will be most interested in the product.


What is Beta Hydroxybutyrate

What I am looking for from the product

I have been on a modified Ketogenic Diet since January 2016. Therefore I am a fat adapted athlete (the term athlete is used loosely here haha), so I am not looking for this product to help me get into Ketosis. I am training for a Marathon next year and Ultra’s beyond that. I train using the MAF method, which keeps me in the fat burning zone. So my interest in this product is (a) does it provide the electrolytes I need and (b) most importantly for me, does it provide additional energy/ketones for my running.


The drinks come in three flavours: Cucumber Lime was my favourite, closely followed by Orange Mango, and Strawberry Lemonade was my least favourite. Although it’s still a nice flavour, I found it a little sweeter than the other two. As I am spending more time in a fat adapted state, my tastes are changing and I do find some things a little too sweet. That being said, I would still buy these products in multi flavoured packs. So that I didn’t become bored with the other two flavours. Overall all three drinks were distinct and tasty. My Beta products were in a packet form, and mixed well with water. They will also be available in proper pre mixed bottles.

I tested them out in my weekday short runs of 3 miles, and my weekend long runs. I felt a noticeable boost of energy on my short runs, which maintained throughout the run. The biggest test I put the product through was I went for a 13.5 mile run, this was 3 miles longer than I have ran before since starting the Ketogenic Diet. I did the run fasted, all I had was a pint of water with the powder beforehand. Then an extra 500ml of water, whilst on the run. Energy wise I breezed around the run; I suffered no energy dips or hunger pangs. I felt my distance was only being limited by my feet and muscles not my aerobic engine. So I was very pleased with my run, and I believe helped with this.


Limitations of my review

I am not using Keto as a weight loss tool any more, I am in a maintenance mode. Whilst I maintain a Keto Lifestyle, I do not count calories or test for Ketone levels. I keep carbs low and fats high, and I can feel if I am in Keto or not. So there is no data I can give, for example blood Ketone levels.

My thoughts

As Keto and/or LCHF living becomes hopefully more and more popular. There will be money to be made. So more companies will start producing Ketogenic products. If this goes the way these things normally go. Then there will be a lot of crap products, but in there somewhere will be the good products. A prime example is the amount of Paleo products out there now. Most of it is processed rubbish, which still contains massive amounts of sugar but it will be in some form of cheap honey. However there are some products that will actually benefit and make the Paleo way of eating easier.

I believe this is a good product. A product that will help me maintain my Ketogenic principles whilst continuing with my running training. A product I would spend my hard earned money on. If Limited Labs carry on the way I hope they do, then they should have a bright future. They also have a head start, meaning they have a chance to build their brand before the market potentially gets flooded.

It’s a thumbs up from me!!!








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