I get quite frustrated with situations revolving around the likes of Tim Noakes and Gary Fettke. However there are some good news stories out there too.

I have being following the Public Health Collaboration for a while. They are a group of Doctors that have teamed up, to look into ways of tackling health issues in the UK. Refreshingly they are not concerned with pushing the next drug, they are looking at how real food can help and prevent diseases such as Diabetes. https://phcuk.org/about/

Their food plate is Low Carb Healthy Fats, https://phcuk.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/The-Real-Food-Lifestyle.png

Whilst it’s not Keto, it is definitely a much better diet than the standard western diet. Plus the plate can easily be adapted to be Keto. You would just cut out the foods on the bottom/middle left eg the Tubers and Bananas. This is pretty much how I eat – lots of veg, a protein source, with a bit if added oil or butter. Pretty simple.

They also put up a lot of useful information, on the benefits of Low Carb compared to High Carb. Giving you a bit of data, to fight back with when someone questions why you do not eat “healthy” wholegrains on the Ketogenic Diet.



All in all a very promising website, one which I hope grows and educates as much as possible. We are living in a world, where is seems to be less and less about eating real food. I firmly believe we should all be eating unprocessed real food, whether you want to restrict carbs as much as Keto or not. The PHC seems to be a nice gateway into the Low Carb High Fat world.


Please find part 12 of the Tim Noakes deposition attached.


Obviously if you enjoy any of the parts 1-12 please, check out all of them when you have time on http://www.thenoakesfoundation.org/

I am sharing them individually on a weekly basis, to try to reach as many people as possible over a decent period of time. Its important people know what is going on. My blog isn’t going to change the world, but if 1 person a week finds out about the Tim Noakes trial that didn’t know about it before… then I have helped in a small way.