“There are many challenges to long distance running, but one of the greatest is the question of where to put one’s house keys.”
-Gabrielle Zevinimg_09541

I was really proud of my weekend run this week. 13.5 miles !!! A cheeky half marathon in training, oh my days.

I stiffened up pretty good afterwards, walking around the house like an old man. Going up the stairs in some sort of weird crab walk. I really enjoyed the run though. There is nothing like going out running at the weekend. No time constraints, no fitting the runs around work. Bliss.

Apart from the expected stiffness, I handled the distance fine. Due to my Keto Diet, I was able to do the run food fasted. I had no energy issues at all. My limiting factor is my muscles and feet, aerobically I seem to be able to go as far as I want. Obviously this is at a training pace, maybe it will be different in races. This is why I am doing some 10k’s and Half Marathons before the Marathon, so I can do a bit of experimenting.

I did the run as soon as I got up on Sunday morning. I had a pint of water with Ketone IO before the run, and 500ml of water on the run. I think Ketone IO is an interesting product, and I will do a full review of it soon. They have changed their name from Ketone1. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ketone-io-sports-drink#/  

Workouts: 26th Nov2nd December 2016 (exported from my Final Surge account) – www.finalsurge.com 

Sunday, November 27, 2016



Completed: 13.37 mi ~ 2:36:34 (11:42 min/mi)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016



Completed: 3.52 mi ~ 41:19 (11:44 min/mi)

Weekly Completed Runs: 16.89 mi ~ 3:17:53

Goals Summary

  • Races in 2017 I want to race in minimum of two 10k’s, two Half Marathons, and the Bournemouth Marathon on the 8th October 2017. Maybe more.

CTS Northumberland 10k confirmed for Feb’17. http://www.endurancelife.com/event-new.asp?series=87&location=309

Edinburgh Half Marathon confirmed for May’17. https://www.edinburghmarathon.com/events/half-marathon/

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