Barefoot and Butter: Running on Keto – Marathon Training 26th Nov – 2nd Dec 2016.

“There are many challenges to long distance running, but one of the greatest is the question of where to put one’s house keys.”
-Gabrielle Zevinimg_09541

I was really proud of my weekend run this week. 13.5 miles !!! A cheeky half marathon in training, oh my days.

I stiffened up pretty good afterwards, walking around the house like an old man. Going up the stairs in some sort of weird crab walk. I really enjoyed the run though. There is nothing like going out running at the weekend. No time constraints, no fitting the runs around work. Bliss.

Apart from the expected stiffness, I handled the distance fine. Due to my Keto Diet, I was able to do the run food fasted. I had no energy issues at all. My limiting factor is my muscles and feet, aerobically I seem to be able to go as far as I want. Obviously this is at a training pace, maybe it will be different in races. This is why I am doing some 10k’s and Half Marathons before the Marathon, so I can do a bit of experimenting.

I did the run as soon as I got up on Sunday morning. I had a pint of water with Ketone IO before the run, and 500ml of water on the run. I think Ketone IO is an interesting product, and I will do a full review of it soon. They have changed their name from Ketone1.  

Workouts: 26th Nov2nd December 2016 (exported from my Final Surge account) – 

Sunday, November 27, 2016



Completed: 13.37 mi ~ 2:36:34 (11:42 min/mi)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016



Completed: 3.52 mi ~ 41:19 (11:44 min/mi)

Weekly Completed Runs: 16.89 mi ~ 3:17:53

Goals Summary

  • Races in 2017 I want to race in minimum of two 10k’s, two Half Marathons, and the Bournemouth Marathon on the 8th October 2017. Maybe more.

CTS Northumberland 10k confirmed for Feb’17.

Edinburgh Half Marathon confirmed for May’17.

  • Training – Using mainly the MAF Test method by Phil Maffetone.
  • Technique – Barefoot Running. Currently wearing Freet Footware – Meta Ayr. 4mm sole, zero drop.
  • Diet – Ketogenic Diet & LCHF, based around a Primal way of eating unprocessed real food.

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