As well as my usual sharing of the excellent Deposition information. There has been a change to the Real Meal Revolution Banting Diet. Now I do not follow a specific Ketogenic Diet group or food plans, but I would say Banting is probably one of the closest to the way I eat. I prefer eating real food, in natural states, and limited usage of sweeteners. Natural or not. Currently the only natural sweetener I am regularly using is Stevia. As I am testing out a new Ketogenic sports drink called Ketone1 https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ketone-1-sports-drink#/

The original Banting was set out like a Traffic Light System. Red being banned food, orange being occasional consumption, and green being thumbs up keto food. The main change from Banting to Banting 2.0, is they now help you with a gradual transition into Banting / Keto. This is not the way I did it, I just jumped in feet first. However you do read about a lot of people having trouble with adapting to the keto, mentally and physically. So for people like them, 2.0 could be a good option.

I am a firm believer in finding your own Ketogenic Diet Plan, however I do a lot of reading on the subject. As I enjoy doing my own research and experimentations. Not everyone is like that, some people prefer to follow a strict path conceived by someone else. I have read books like the Bullet Proof Diet & Grain Brain. I have never followed any of them to the letter, but I have gained information and ideas from all of them.



Please find part 11 of the deposition attached.



Obviously if you enjoy any of the parts 1-11 please, check out all of them when you have time on http://www.thenoakesfoundation.org/

I am sharing them individually on a weekly basis, to try to reach as many people as possible over a decent period of time. Its important people know what is going on. My blog isn’t going to change the world, but if 1 person a week finds out about the Tim Noakes trial that didn’t know about it before… then I have helped in a small way.