This is my basic Bolognese sauce, and if I want it to be more like a Chilli I just add guess what? A chilli haha.

Meals like this are important to me. As I can make this batch, and it will last me 4 meals. However you could stretch it to 5 or 6 easily.

For each serving I will steam or butter fry some Veg, put it in a bowl and pour some hot Bolognese over the Veg. Then I put around 100g of good quality Cheddar Cheese on top.

Now as you can see from the photo, 100g is a lot of cheese. I can handle this because I am currently chilling in a maintenance mode. I am not looking to lose a lot of weight. Also I have never being vastly over weight, so I am not metabolically deranged. I can handle the extra protein and dairy. We are all adults here, be sensible. If you want to lose weight, then it’s pretty obvious that you should not have 100g of cheese with the sauce. Even though it’s lush 🙂

Ingredients – I get 4 meals from it

Tin of Tesco’s Organic Chopped Tomatoes – 500ml, 80p.

Tin of Tesco’s Organic Tomato Passata – 500ml, 80p.

Full Fat Beef Mince – 500g, £3.

Button Mushrooms – 150g, £1.

4 Garlic Cloves – 30p

2 Onions – 40p

Fresh Parsley and Fresh Basil – £1

Salt and Pepper to taste.

Instructions – Prep Time: 10 minutes. Cooking Time: 90 minutes

Get a big pan with a lid. Put the chopped tomatoes and passata in. Put on a high heat. Put the mince in, and break it up. I buy Button Mushrooms, because they are small and don’t need chopping up. Throw them in. Dice the onion, and throw it in too. Peel the Garlic cloves, grate them and put it in the pan. Now I like Garlic, so you need to adjust how much garlic you use, to taste. Then tear up some fresh parsley and basil. Finally salt and pepper to taste. Once it is up to boil, turn down low to simmer for 90 minutes. Obviously if I was doing this posh, I would brown the mince, maybe add a stock cube, fry the garlic and onion in butter first…. But I cannot be bothered with all that. I just keep it simple and it turns out good enough for me.

Per serving without 100g of cheese you are looking at around 379 Calories, Carbs 12g (8%), Protein 26.25g (30%) and Fat 90g (57%).

Per serving with 100g of cheese you are looking at around 759 Calories, Carbs 12g (6%), Protein 51g (27%) and Fat 53g (66%). You need a decent carb and protein tolerance to have this meal, due to the Tomatoes, Mushrooms and a lot Cheese. Although you could actually get more than 4 meals from this batch and adjust the amount of cheese, I just like bigger portion sizes. This meal has never kicked me out of Ketosis. However it might, for those that have metabolic issues. These figures are taken from MyFitnessPal, so you could argue the figures up and down a bit but you get my point. With Cheese you are looking at around £2.30, so maybe £3 a meal with the extra Veg you need.