I firmly believe the key to Keto success is easy planning, and preferably cheap as I can’t afford to raise grass fed cows in my garden.

So you need “go to” meals that are simple and effective. I see too many blogs and keto cookbooks, where recipes have far too many ingredients. Therefore often meaning the meals are too time consuming to make regularly, and are relatively expensive…. Never mind how a lot of them seem to have copious amounts of sweeteners in them. Natural or not, I don’t care for them greatly.

Now I do enjoy cooking, and so does my wife. So we do cook some “posher” meals at the weekend. However I have a full time job, I am training for a marathon and I have other hobbies too. So mid-week is about easily repeatable quick meals for me.

Lamb steak is one of my stables.


Ingredients –

Lidl Lamb Steak – 150g, £1.50

Lidl Kale (on offer at the moment 49p per bag) – 30g, 10p.

Brussel Sprouts – 8, 25p.

Kerrygold Butter – 50g, 34p.

Instructions – Cooking & Prep Time: 10 minutes.

Lamb Steak – Pre heat Frying Pan. 1 minute each side on a high heat. Then turn down to a medium heat. Add 25g butter. 3 minutes either side, for a medium to medium rare Lamb Steak.

Kale and Brussels Sprouts – Pre heat another Frying pan. Medium heat. 25g of butter, melt. Throw in the veg. Cook for the same length of time as Lamb, or until Kale starts to get too crispy. I prefer the Brussel Sprouts quite hard too.

Season to taste.

So for a cost of around £2.20 you are getting a quality Keto Meal.

You are looking at around 780 Calories, Carbs 12g (7%), Protein 46g (24%) and Fat 60g (69%). Pretty good Keto percentages! The protein is a little high possibly; however my lunch would have less protein in so it would even out. These figures are taken from MyFitnessPal, so you could argue the figures up and down a bit but you get my point.