So last week was interesting. The HCSPA announced that Tim Noakes was found guilty. Which is a little awkward as the Judges aren’t due to make a decision until mid-April? They were then forced to retract the statement.

So what’s going on here? Maybe

  1. They think they have nailed the trial and there is no chance he will not be found not-guilty.
  2. They already know how the judges will vote.
  3. They are trying to manipulate the public and/or judges. So even if he does get found not guilty, it will look like some sort of miscarriage of justice.

It hurts my brain thinking about it.

Whenever I read stuff like this, I often think this is terrible but the UK isn’t as bad surely. However we probably are.

I stumbled across the Heart UK Charity Foundation twitter feed yesterday. It was promoting some sort of cholesterol week. There were numerous inaccurate posts, often contradicting what they said the day before. The below picture is an example. Diabetes is bad and increases the chances of Heart Disease. Correct, well done. They then proceed to tweet a picture of the diet you should be on to prevent Diabetes. Basically a plate of wholegrains, some veg and lots of fruit. Is that diet better than eating junk food, yes! Will it prevent or reverse Type 2 diabetes? Nope. Wholegrains or not, your body sees that plate as a plate full of sugar and will process it as such.


I had a light bulb moment writing this post. The dietary bodies are saying look, if you eat wholegrains and fruit. The fibre etc will mean your body will process them slower. Therefore putting less stress on your liver and body. Debatable. However this means for years they have stated between the lines that they know grains and sugar are bad for you. However instead of saying don’t eat grains and sugar, they say spread out the load to help your body out instead.

Now what is the cheapest way to run your central heating? Keep the heating on all the time at a moderate temperature, or have it on timer at a higher temperature? Well the difference is negligible because you are still using the central heating!!! The cheapest way is to not use central heating.

I could rant on this all day, but I don’t want to end up on a watch list. Please see the next part of Tim’s deposition. Enjoy.