So I heard about the book the “Complete Guide to Fasting” through one of the many podcasts I listen to, probably a Jimmy Moore one considering he is a co-author. I have a few issues with Jimmy Moore, but you can’t deny he has helped the movement overall (whether he is doing more harm than good now is up for debate). This book was actually going to be called Fasting Clarity, which I think is a much better name. However I think Jason Fung wanted to distinguish it as mainly his book, and not be part of Jimmy’s “Clarity” book line.

A link to the book is below.


Normally I see something and become obsessed with it and buy it immediately. However the book wasn’t out at the time (it is now). Anyway I have completely lost interest in it, and will not be buying it. This is not because I don’t believe in fasting and its benefits. I do. It’s because I already do Intermittent Fasting naturally. This is sufficient for me at the moment, as I do not have major weight to lose and I don’t have any metabolic issues to fight.

I have been doing Keto/LCHF for 10 months now. The first 3 months I ate proper breakfasts, like the keto classic Bacon & Eggs. Then I progressed onto only having a Veg Smoothie and Bulletproof Coffee for breakfast. Now I just have a pint of water!!!

During the week I do not eat until my Lunch break at 1pm, then I don’t eat again until 7-7:30pm. That’s it until 1pm the next day. I don’t snack. I generally have some nuts after my salad after lunch, and a dessert after my food at night. Usually some berries and double cream or 90% dark chocolate.

The weekend is a little different. I do usually eat breakfast, like a Keto Full English. I also snack more, but still Keto friendly snacks. However I still normally only have 2 big meals throughout the day.

So basically I am in my own Intermittent Fasting zone, and currently I have no interest in experimenting with multiday fasts. So until I do get interested in longer fasts, there is no point in reading this book for now.

Below is Jason Fung’s website. Which is a powerful resource about LCHF and how your body is affected by the modern western diets. Well worth a look.