Sedgefield Parkrun 5k


Time 00:31:41

Before the race I was just telling myself to take it easy, and just treat it like a normal run out. It was my first parkrun since I started wearing barefoot/minimalist running shoes, so I knew I couldn’t run it at 100% effort. However at the back of my mind, I thought even at 80% effort I could still beat my PB of 00:29:06. 

Anyway I imagine with a lot of runners best laid plans, my great plan went out of the window immediately. I got swept away with the runners around me, and set off quicker than I had planned. I was feeling good though, and about a mile in I could see the 25 minute pacer in front of me. That’s when I felt my left calf twinge a bit. So I slowed right down to protect the calf, and basically just jogged around the last two miles.
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I felt really disappointed, but it is what it is. It’s all a learning curve. In fact I am going to incorporate more of these Parkrun’s into my training diary, to build up my race experience. So I can learn to stick to my own race, and not get carried away.
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Regarding my calf, it was a little sore all Saturday. Then I walked two fells in the Lake District on Sunday, and my calves were ok. I could feel them a bit, but nothing major. So I don’t think I have done any major damage. I am going to miss my Tuesday run, just to be careful. Then hopefully they should be fine for my Thursday run.
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