Firstly high five to anyone on a Ketogenic Diet, or any LCHF diet for that matter.

However there is definitely a trend of Keto that I am unsure about.

I bought a few Ketogenic Cookbooks when I first started Keto, and I still regularly visit Keto sites for ideas. However I am finding rather than being about real food, it is more about; Keto Bread, Keto Cake, Keto Lasagne…. You get the picture. For example The Ketogenic Cookbook, by Jimmy Moore & Maria Emmerich has some excellent recipes. However some of the list of ingredients can take up a full page, often with multiple different types of natural sweeteners in them!!! That can’t be right, and is damn expensive.

Are these sweeteners low carb? Well yes they are. So officially they can be used in a Keto Diet happily. My problem is how are these processed into their form, and what effect are they having on your body. What are they doing to your gut biome? Insulin and other hormones? What are they doing to your brain and state of mind?

I just find this all baffling. To me it is keeping you with one foot in your old lifestyle. Which means you could be more likely to fall off the wagon.  If I am constantly making fathead pizzas or keto bread, then for me I know for a fact I would be more likely to have a normal pizza or sandwich at some point.

I think a Keto Cookbook should just be along the lines of a) find a nice lump of lamb on the bone b) cook it slow c) stick some veg in some butter d) enjoy e) chuck the left over bones in a slow cooker and make a bone broth….Done!!! I personally can’t think of many meals I cook that have more than 5 or 6 ingredients. If I want something sweet, I will have some berries or 90% dark chocolate. I don’t see the value in making Keto Brownies. You have probably noticed Adapt Bar adverts on my Site. Bars such as these serve a purpose, when travelling or hiking. I don’t believe they should be part of your daily nutrition.
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Eating rich simple food has definitely changed my taste buds. Dark Chocolate to me tastes like normal chocolate, and I can even taste the sweetness in carrots much more than when I was a sugar burner. Isn’t this how it should be? Not obsessing about making the perfect low carb naan bread.

My mindset is eat real food, and if you avoid tubers = pretty hard not to be in ketosis.


If you live your old lifestyle but with replacement keto recipes = pretty hard not to fall back into old habits.

Even when I have less strict LCHF days, I still eat real food but have a potato or something. So it is easy to cycle between Keto and LCHF when necessary.

That said everyone has their own reasons why they are on Keto. Mine is for the long term health benefits, the weight management being a very happy side benefit. So this probably skews my thinking. I find it tremendously inspiring when I see people using Keto to lose 50, 100, or 200 pounds. Fair play to them, and if making Keto bread keeps them on the Keto Train so be it. It’s just not for me.
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