2XU Compression Calf Guards – review

Rating – 85%


  • Mid Range Price
  • Well established brand
  • Excellent fit


Company Website Link –


Cost – £29.75 on 29th September 2016 from the Direct Sports, yes it is Direct Sports and not the Mr Ashley’s Sports Direct (for the UK readers).  http://www.directsportseshop.co.uk/dssport/running/mens-compression/mens-compression-socks/2xu-compression-calf-guard-(white)-unisex?ProductID=9335

Fit – Great fit, they were tight all over but not uncomfortably tight. When you are running, you don’t really notice you have them on. I used the sizing guide from the 2XU official site, and it was really easy to follow and I ended up with the perfect size. It’s a good job I did this, as I would have probably ordered Med but I was a Small…. I do have pretty skinny calves!!!

Function – They are meant to aid recovery and prevent inflammation whilst running. I bought them mainly to prevent injury whilst running, as I have previously had 3 separate calf injuries occur whilst out on runs. Touch wood, I have had no calf injuries since I bought them, but I have also amended my training plan in an attempt to avoid further calf injuries.

Fashion – I think they look smart and professional, they might make me look like an actually runner too haha!!! I have worn them under tights, on top of tights, and in the summer I would be fine wearing them with shorts.

Disclaimer – I bought these myself with cold hard cash.


Conclusion – Look I don’t know if these aid recovery, and I don’t know if they prevent injury. I suspect they do help, but by what percentage I just don’t know. However with how frustrated I have been with calf injuries recently, even if they make me only 1% less likely to get a calf injury. Then they are worth it to me. If everyone had perfect training and recovery plans, then I am guessing they probably would not be needed. However I would be very surprised if I have stumbled across the perfect training plan, and I definitely do not want to break down with a calf injury in a Race. So I will continue wearing them.


From Company Website –


Product Details

The 2XU Compression Calf Guards are strategically designed to be exceptionally effective for the containment of the calf muscle when training and competing. Repeated muscle vibration is directly related to causing fatigue, muscle damage and shin splints. A versatile item that allows athletes to use their preferred sock and can also be worn under a wetsuit making transition times faster during triathlon.

  • Graduated compression to promote increased circulation for recovery
  • Highest power denier targeted support to calf + shins
  • Reduced fatigue in lower legs through less muscle oscillation
  • Reduced muscle soreness
  • Greater power output
  • Garment Features
  1. High power PWX FLEX compression fabric with optimal breathability and flexibility supports the shin and calf muscles.
  2. Flatlock seams to reduce chafe for greater comfort.
  3. High filament yarns for dryness – wicks sweat from the skin to the fabric exterior.
  4. Antibacterial and UPF50+ sun protection.


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4 responses to “2XU Compression Calf Guards – review”

  1. heri Avatar

    I’d be interested in a long term review (after 3-6 months of use?). for e.g. if it improves performance (time to exhaustion), recovery (can you wear them after a run to get quicker recovery), also does it really prevent injuries.


    1. ketogenicendurance Avatar

      I would expect a lot of the injury prevention is a placebo. I haven’t suffered any injuries since wearing them, however I bought them because I was worried about my calves and changed my running technique and training plan at the same time. So I would guess 99% of the progress is down to the change in training. 1% could be the calf guards. Basically I think runners mainly wear them to look serious and/or cool… and they do look cool haha

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      1. heri Avatar

        I did a bit of research and saw this: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/02640410903582768 Compression clothing do not improve performance

        Another study :
        When examining endurance running performance, LBCG (lower body compression garnments) have been observed to offer no significant benefits. Recent research demonstrated knee-length LBCG to exert no significant changes in 10-km running time in fourteen well-trained endurance athletes. Furthermore, earlier work reported full-length LBCG to produce a significant (P < .05) 31-s detriment in 5-km run time in ten highperformance male endurance runners. It was suggested that the decrease in running performance was a result of reductions in stride length due to a restricted range of motion from the compressive forces of the LBCG. Despite these observations, the use of compression garments among endurance athletes during training and performance remains popular.

        I was looking to get a pair of compression thighs from 2XU for winter outdoors running but it looks like I'm better with regular clothing :/


      2. ketogenicendurance Avatar

        I have under armour compression tights, and they are really comfy. Again probably no benefit but they look like good running tights and feel good. I think you would have to have some serious grade compression for them to be useful, elite athletes probably only have access to them!!!

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