I have really got into camping this year and a bit. My Grandad and Nana had loads of camping gear, but became too old to use it. So they passed it all down to me.

Heather and I have had 5 camping trips this year, and I have loved them all. We have even managed to pass the camping bug onto some friends.

This last weekend we went to the Wolds Way Caravan and Camping Site. As the name suggests it rests on the Wolds Way trail, in North Yorkshire, UK. As it was the beginning of October it was pretty quiet, which was great. The toilet facilities were top notch too. We did a bit of walking, but mainly it was about sitting around the campfire, with a bottle of Port.

Freet Foot Wear

I count myself as 80% to 90% of the time on a Ketogenic Diet, then the remainder Low Carb High Fat. You could do the Camping Trips fully Ketogenic, but I have found it is more enjoyable to adopt a LCHF diet. As it is a little easier to stick to, but I still avoid Bread & Pasta etc.

Adapt Your Life

We arrived at the campsite on Friday night, and were home by Sunday night.

My food dairy looked like this –

Friday Night – Two burgers done on the BBQ, chedder cheese and tomato. 4 cubes of 90% dark chocolate. Some spicy peanuts.

Saturday Breakfast – Sausages, bacon, baked beans and scambled egg.

Saturday Lunch – Ham, cheese & olives. Seeds.

Saturday Dinner – Corned beef hash. 4 cubes of 90% dark chocolate. Some spicy peanuts.

Sunday Breakfast – Sausages, bacon, baked beans and scambled egg.

Sunday Lunch – Seaside Fish and Chips…. You gotta.

Sunday Dinner – left camping stuff. Ham, cheese olives. Seeds. Peanuts.

Obviously over the weekend, you have a few alcohol beverages. I shared a bottle of Port with the wife, and numerous beers with friends.

So in conclusion camping is like any other day on Keto/LCHF, you have to do a little more planning but it isn’t that hard to do really.


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