The below photo was my view from the campsite I stayed at over the weekend. It was on the Wolds Way trail, North Yorkshire.


It got me thinking.

Fields upon fields, and beautiful countryside.

I just imagined how easy it should be to grow vegetable here, that aren’t covered in pesticides. Rather than fields of grain, to be processed into crappy industrialised food. Then how you could let animals roam the fields, and eat grass. Rather than fill them full of antibiotics and yes grain. Farmers feed animals grain to fatten them up, and then we wonder why humans get fat on grains.

Freet Foot Wear

Below is the 3rd part to the Tim Noakes Desposition, which I am sharing to highlight the world we currently live in. One where a person recommends a diet of real food, which upsets industrial food makers and it is he who is hauled over the coals.




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