Week 24 began with a Monday night run, and week 24 ended on that Monday run. Got a slight calf strain. The left calf instead of the right this time. I missed 6 days due to this injury.

Week 25, I got in two runs. I took these really easy as I was just easing back into it. I was also trying out my new barefoot shoes by Freet Footware.

Freet Foot Wear

Week 25 is where I am going to end this strand of numbered Marathon Training posts. I feel I have come to a natural end. I have made mistakes, made progress, and completely omitted certain areas. Also due to me now wearing “barefoot” shoes I have to pretty much start my mileages again, and increase the distances carefully. So it will look pretty weird when I am making a post marked Marathon Training week 40, and I am only running 5 miles. People will think what the hell is he doing haha.

I will also be taking yoga and strength training seriously. I will be tracking this all through Final Surge Training Planning website –

So I am excited to start producing new training posts from next week, which will be more rounded and informative.

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