Real Food Revolution!!!

So in 2016, it is deemed a revolution to eat and cook real food. Organic veg and grass fed/wild meat if possible.

How is it that you are now some sort of weirdo eating this way, and the norm is to eat a ton of crap processed food. Processed food made by companies that need to make profits not make people heathly. The same companies, that push their own egenders polically.

The more I read, the more I hate how companies and governments get involved in the food supply, and dictate thought.

So I am going to share the different parts of the deposition each week. As even if only 1 person a week reads each post, then it has helped spread the word.

It relates to Tim Noakes, the godfather of Carb Loading for athletes. Who realised he was making himself diabetic. So changed the way he ate. Which lead to him being charged for unprofessional behaviour, by South African government bodies. The same bodies who receive serious funding from Sugar and Grain industries!!!

Please see the below links to the Noakes Foundation –



Or just google Tim Noakes deposition, all the parts are easily found.