The conspiracy theorist in me has always thought there would be a tipping point with the LCHF movement, which I am apart of.

If it stayed as a niche way of eating, then it would be left alone. However it is getting more popular recently. There will be a tipping point, where it starts affecting the profits of grain and sugar companies. I think its pretty clear they will not just accept this. We have seen recently that Sugar companies have distorted/paid for “facts/studies”, which demonized Fat rather than Sugar. So I believe the more popular LCHF becomes, then even more studies will come out to discredit it. So the tipping point will be if the scaremongering works and we all go back to HCLF or people realise they are responsible for their own health and follow what works for them.

The Tim Noakes court case is a pretty good example.

There are better explanations out there regarding why this case came to pass. As I see it a basic summary is:

  • He was a HCLF guy, but realised it was making him sick.
  • Then pushed the Banting LCHF way of eating.
  • Gave some advice on twitter, regarding breastfeeding and weaning onto proper food.
  • HPCSA and ADSA have taken him to court for unprofessional conduct, to probably try to shut him up.
  • Backfired, as they allowed a public case. So Tim Noakes has basically blown them out of the water with his wealth of data and knowledge.

There are a few guesses out there on why HPCSA and ADSA would go after Tim Noakes. I would like to put it on record, that I certainly do not believe it has anything at all to do with the fact that major sponsors of the HPCSA and ADSA include Kellogs, Pronutro and a Sugar plantation…..and this would have nothing to do with my tipping point theory !!!! 🙂

The longer I am involved in the LCHF way of life, the more I am becoming worried about how our food supply is becoming more and more controlled by a few large companies. The Bayern take over of Monsanto is frightening by the way.

So I am going to share the different parts of the deposition each week. As even if only 1 person a week reads the post, then it has helped spread the word.

Please see the below link, to the Noakes Foundation –


Or just google Tim Noakes deposition, all the parts are easily found.