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Injuries and the Otto 128 Tuning Fork

I have been suffering from a calf injury for the last 2 weeks. I think I am just about healed, and should be able to run in a couple of days.

It was quite a bad strain or pull. Even after 5 days I was still walking gingerly.

My mam is a Sound Therapist, using sound as a way to heal and relax. She lent me a Otto 128 tuning fork, to help with the injury.

You can use the fork onto energy points for general wellness, but you can also put it directly onto injured muscles to aid recovery.

The way the injury was healing I was expecting to be out for 3 weeks or so, yet I have recovered in two. I noticed a vast improvement in a couple of days. There are some scientific reasons tuning forks may work, which I have attached a link below. However I am not well educated in the field to say why these work, I just know they work….. and that is good enough for me.

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