Rating: 60%


  • Good budget running shoe
  • Good for beginners

Company Website link: http://www.karrimor.com/karrimor-duma-trail-mens-running-shoes-213144?colcode=21314492


  1. Specs : none given on Website or shoe box.
  2. Cost: Budget – £22.99 online 8th September 2016
  3. Look: I quite like the look of them to be fair, I like the Neon Camouflage. I also like the Neon sole, meaning they will be visible to cars etc on the roads.
  4. Comfort: Decent for the price. They are quite wide at the front, so you feel that your toes have plenty of room. The back is a little high and structured, meaning they are a little tough on the Achilles. Support arch seems to fit my foot well. Not too high or too low.
  5. Durability: I have run 160 miles in them. No issues with the upper. Stitching etc all in order. No fading wear on the material. The sole has compressed a little I think, however no noticeable issues with irregular wearing.


I bought these in Apil’16 as my first running shoe, for my marathon training. I had 3 criteria. A) They had to be in Sports Direct so I could buy them immediately B) They had to be cheap and C) I wanted a small a sole as possible. As I knew eventually I wanted to move in minimalist/barefoot shoes. So these ticked all the boxes. I did not want to invest in an expensive pair of shoes straight away, encase I did not stick with my training or did not enjoy it.


Conclusion: for people on a budget, or wanting a versatile first running shoe. This shoe would be a reasonable purchase.