So my training towards a marathon continues, as does my low carb high fat Ketogenic Diet ( ) journey. I am also committed to following the MAF Training method (maximum aerobic function), recommended by Phil Maffetone ( ).

My last 2 weeks have included lots of little highs, and one really annoying low.

So I started week 20 really positive, it seemed like every time I ran my 3 mile loop I was improving my minute per miles. My first run of the week was my long run, a solid 8.9m. 14:40 min/m was OK, at the end I felt tired but not overly fatigued. As I have mentioned before, I can not really judge the times of my long runs. This is because the longer I run, the more hills I will be running. There are literally no flat runs I can do where I live.

Week 20 – 20th August 2016 – Aerobic Base Run – 8.9m – 02:11:17 – 14:40 min/m

My next run was a 3 miler, and again it was the fastest minute per miles at my MAF heart rate of 139 (180-36-5).

Week 20 – 22nd August 2016 – Aerobic Base Run – 3m – 00:39:41 – 12:49 min/m

I wanted to get another run in week 20 but time got away from me. Then I went camping in the Lake District for the Bank Holiday weekend. No runs, but did walk Great Mell Fell and Aira Force. As well as a couple of trips on Ullswater with my new inflatable Kayak. Whilst I am pretty good at home with my Ketogenic Diet. I am not too concerned with it when I am camping or on any type of holiday. I am still Low Carb High Fat compared to the standard Western Diet, and I still do not eat bread or pasta etc. However I do allow myself extra wiggle room with my Carb intake…. usually potatoes and lots and lots of beer and wine haha.

So I got home Monday afternoon. Then I went for another run on the Tuesday, and smashed it again. My fastest min/m AGAIN.

Week 21 – 30th August 2016 – Aerobic Base Run – 3.1m – 00:38:10 – 12:17 min/m

As I was feeling good, and to be honest probably felt like I needed to make up for missing my usual long run due to camping…. I went for another run on Wednesday.

Disaster !!!!

I pulled my calf towards the end. Still able to complete the 3 mile loop in a walk.

So frustrating. It seems quite bad at the minute. So probably a couple of weeks on the running sidelines.

Week 21 – 1st September 2016 – Aerobic Base Run – 3m – 00:40:20 – 13:05 min/m

Funny thing is, this is the second calf problem I have had in my first 21 weeks of training. So I must have a calf issue. So I am going to look into calf compression sleeves, and I am guessing I to need to start with Yoga again.

Now crime or coincidence? My first calf injury happened after being away camping in the Lake District too, and I did the same thing by doing 2 runs in 2 days when I got back. So am I not currently capable of doing runs on consecutive days? Or maybe the walking I do is fatiguing my calves, then the runs are injuring them? Maybe my running style or footware is causing it? Who knows but I need to make changes.

I currently use cheap running shoes, and I knew I would need to upgrade after a while anyway. I use the below from Karrimor.

I have been thinking of going more natural or barefoot with my next running shoe. Something like the below:

So in conclusion, I need to relax and not re injure this damn stupid calf again !!!!