Freet Meta AYR – Review (full) – Barefoot Running Shoes


Rating: 80%


  • Good introduction shoe into barefoot running.
  • Look different, so they stand out from a normal running shoe.

Freet Foot Wear

  1. Specs: Weight 330gms pair size 42
  2. Cost: Mid-High £100. Website does seem to have regular discounts though.
  3. Look: I love the look of them. Black with neon Green is a strong combination. They look different enough, that you will stand out. However they are normal enough, that you will not look weird or pretentious. The perfect combo for me.
  4. Comfort: Very comfortable. I have just bought some 5 finger socks. However my first 5 runs in these were without socks. Which caused no issues, for example no blisters or soreness.
  5. Durability: I have only run in them 5 times, for 3 miles each. So I can’t comment on the durability yet. I will update further down the line on this. They do seem well made though, so I have high hopes for them. Also because they are barefoot shoes, the sole is obviously thin. However I have ran on roads and trails, without issue. The trail even had a section that was quite stony. I could feel the stones more than in normal shoes, but it certainly didn’t hurt and it never felt unsafe.


After reading Born To Run I was inspired to try Barefoot Running. This fits into my lifestyle and beliefs. I live a high fat primal style of eating, so it makes sense I should run in a primal way too. I am very impressed with these shoes, and I would definitely recommend them. I am new to running in general and especially barefoot running. So I have nothing to compare these to, I have never used Inov-8’s or Vibram’s. So my 80% score reflects the fact that as my first barefoot shoe, I am very happy with them.

Conclusion: Seems like a good introductory shoe into Barefoot running, and I am looking forward to progressing in them.




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Older Yet.....

Injuries and the Otto 128 Tuning Fork

I have been suffering from a calf injury for the last 2 weeks. I think I am just about healed, and should be able to run in a couple of days.

It was quite a bad strain or pull. Even after 5 days I was still walking gingerly.

My mam is a Sound Therapist, using sound as a way to heal and relax. She lent me a Otto 128 tuning fork, to help with the injury.

You can use the fork onto energy points for general wellness, but you can also put it directly onto injured muscles to aid recovery.

The way the injury was healing I was expecting to be out for 3 weeks or so, yet I have recovered in two. I noticed a vast improvement in a couple of days. There are some scientific reasons tuning forks may work, which I have attached a link below. However I am not well educated in the field to say why these work, I just know they work….. and that is good enough for me.


Freet Meta Ayr – Barefoot Running

I have bought some new running shoes, and I have gone down the barefoot/natural running shoe route.

The worst thing is I cannot try them out yet, due to my calf injury.

However I have tried them out in the house, and they are really comfy. Plus I think they look awesome.

The link is below.

Once I have recovered from my injury, I will do a full review post.