Happy Kombucha Review

Photo taken from the below link to the product-

Large Kombucha Continuous brewing kit

Disclaimer – I have not been given any products from Happy Kombucha to review, I am just a normal customer.

So I have had my Kombucha kit for a few months now, and I was really please with it. I was easily producing 20 bottles of 200ml Kombucha a week. Some of which I shared, but mainly kept it to myself haha !!!

However a couple of weeks ago, the container started leaking from the tap. So I was pretty annoyed as I thought my scoby would be ruined, so I emailed the company. They replied back really quickly and advised that the tap needed tightening. In attempting to do this, the seal came away and made the leak worse. Now the scoby would surely be ruined, as there wasn’t much liquid for the scoby to live in. I sent them another email, and they promised to send a replacement tap and seal. These arrived a couple of days later, which I was really happy about.

I took the now rather large scoby out of the container and did a bit of maintenance with it. I probably cut it down to a 1/4 of the size, and placed it into the jug with the remaining liquid. I then attached the new tap, and tested if the seal was ok. It was. So I replaced the scoby and liquid. I have been building up the Kombucha slowly for the last couple of weeks. I hope to be able to bottle up a new batch in a few days.

All in all, happy with the customer service. I already make my own Sauerkraut, but I am thinking of experimenting with Kefir soon. If I do, I will be happy to use the Happy Kombucha again for the starter kits.








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