Just the 3 runs this week, but 3 good runs. I am feeling really good at the moment. I feel like the training is working, I am recovering quickly and my Keto Diet has been on point this week.

Week 19 – 18th August 2016 – Aerobic Base Run – 3m – 00:40:05 – 13:00min/m

Week 19 – 16th August 2016 – Aerobic Base Run – 3.1m – 00:40:46 – 13:09min/m

Week 19 – 13th August 2016 – Aerobic Base Run – 8.2m – 01:14:18 – 13:53min/m

My two short runs were in the early 13 minute miles. Which is great for the stage I am at. Last week I was in the late 13 minute miles, and before that I was stuck in the 14 minute miles for months.

My long weekend run was really good two. Managed the 8.2 miles comfortably, which was basically 2 hours of running. I did this in the morning, and I did it in a fasted state. Then I went up to Newcastle to watch the football, and went to the watch Suicide Squad and The Shallows. So didn’t get home till midnight. I stiffened up a little throughout the day, but nothing major. On Sunday I felt fine, although probably not recovered enough to do another run. I am not too concerned with my minute per miles on these long runs, because where I live is pretty hilly. So the further I am running, the more hills I will encounter. So the long runs are about increasing my miles and endurance, not times.

This is also a disclaimer for my short runs. I am not doing specific MAF tests on flat ground. I am using my 3 mile route as basically a MAF test every time I do the short runs. However this run is not flat. Nowhere is around where I live is. For example my splits from yesterday were. Mile 1 13:00 (flatish then uphill), Mile 2 13:57 (mainly uphill, with a bit of downhill at the end), and Mile 3 12:05 (pretty much all downhill). However I am happy to judge my progress on this route. There is a running track where I live. However I am not really interested in joining the Athletics club to use it. I like to get out onto the country roads for my runs.