Really happy with this last weeks training. I managed 4 runs, which is this first time I have managed this. Not because I planned to run 4 times last week, but I feel well and motivated at the moment. So I took advantage of it, and feel good for it.

The long run went well, I was happy with how I coped with the distance and how I recovered from it afterwards. The 3 short runs were also pleasing, as they were all in the 13 minute/mile bracket. Which is great as I have been in the 14 minute/mile bracket for a while. I have another week ahead, where I can get some good training in hopefully.

I thought I would also clarify my diet at the moment. I call it Ketogenic, but it isn’t as strict as Therapeutic or Nutritional Ketogenic Diets. However whenever I test myself with Urine Test Strips I am always in the Small to Moderate range. I don’t really feel the need to do regular tests, as I have been doing this for 8 months and feel I am in a bit of a groove with it. Plus life is to short to always be counting carbs and ketone levels. Another reason why I have never bothered with Ketone Breath or Blood tests, which are more accurate.

So I logged yesterdays food and it looked like this.

Breakfast = Vegetable smoothie…. Spinach, Watercress, Coriander, Parsley, Avocado and Creatine. Then a Bulletproof coffee.

Lunch = Left over Vegetable smoothie. Tub of salad, 2 boiled eggs, mozzarella and EVOO. Natural Yoghurt with mixed nuts and gooseberries.

Dinner = Homemade Beef Curry and Cauliflower Rice, courtesy of the Wife. Thanks !!! Then Natural Yoghurt with Macadamia nuts and gooseberries.

Calories 2049. 8% Carbs (42g), 16% Protein (76g) and Fat 76% (169g). The Keto police would probably lock me up for having 2 portions of Gooseberries in one day. However the fruits are in season and produced by my Grandad and Nana in their allotment. So they taste amazing. This is how the good old cavemen would have lived, gorging on Fruit when it was in season and not all year round and in cartons!!! So once the fruit from the allotment runs out, I will cut back on the fruit. This is one of the problems with modern eating. In supermarkets nowadays the fruit and veg section is pretty much the same all year round. I have no idea what is in season or not. What we eat should change a little with the seasons, but we are just offered the same all year round….. YES I know I could go to farmer markets etc but I just don’t make the time to do that. Something I could improve on I guess.