What would have been week 16 of my marathon training, was spent on holiday. A brilliant weeks camping in Dorset. We stayed in a child free campsite, which was pure relaxation. Like most of our holidays, we were pretty active. Lots of walking and cycling. The campsites location was spot on, it was 20 minutes from the sea and beach towns and 20 minutes from the New Forest and national parks. As the wife and I live a fairly relaxed life at home and work, we don’t feel like we need to lie on a beach to unwind from life stresses. We therefore like to use our holidays to go see stuff or be active. I like nothing more than going to see some castle, Roman fort or cathedral around Europe. Pretty geeky!! We English like to think we have a long history, and often look down on America and Australia etc, because they just don’t have that length of history, culture and architecture behind them. Then you go to Italy or somewhere, and they built the Colosseum when we were still living in mud huts!!! Just goes to show haha.

Anyway, once I got back from Dorset I managed 3 short runs in week 17. Pretty standard runs really, no improvement in the numbers. Just enjoyable jogs in the countryside, around where I live.

Week 17 – 4th July 2016 – Aerobic Base Run – 3.13m – 00:44:03 – 14:03min/m

Week 17 – 2nd August 2016 – Aerobic Base Run – 3.12m – 00:45:05 – 14:27min/m

Week 17 – 1st August 2016 – Aerobic Base Run – 3.11m – 00:44:27 – 14:18min/m

I have one short camping trip left this year, and that’s it for holidays. So barring any injuries or unforeseen circumstances. I should be able to ramp up my training over the coming months.