Marathon Training Week 12 – with a Ketogenic Diet


I completed two runs this week.

I was pretty happy with these 2 runs, both in distance and times. However I picked up a calf injury towards the end of the second run. Therefore I did not do my usual 3 mile Thursday run. This doesn’t seem to be a pull or strain. Maybe more of a impact or fatigue injury. It was sore the day after the run, but has got better quickly. So I am hoping if I wait until Sunday, I should be fine to run again.

12 weeks in seems a bit of a milestone week, as some training plans for marathons are sometimes only 12 weeks in total. Overall things have gone well and I do feel like I am progressing. However I am glad I have decided to give myself 18 months to do my first marathon, so I am not under any pressure with mileage and speed. I feel like what I am doing is the correct way to build fitness and more importantly health.

Also so far I do not feel like my Low Carb High Fat lifestyle has inhibited my training. I have had no problems with energy before, during or after training. I don’t have anything to compare it to though, but I feel good and healthy. If fact this calf injury has been the only stumble I have had in the 12 weeks.

So in conclusion, feeling good and looking forward to the next 12 weeks.


  1. Great to see people exercising on #LCHF and blowing some long-held myths about carbs outa the water!
    Were you fully keto-adapted before you started marathon trg?


    1. Started keto towards the end of Jan’16. So my fat adaption should improve in time along with my training.


      1. Awesome! Keto + exercise is a winning combination. Look forward to seeing your progress 👍😉

  2. I have been running marathons for 10 years and now a LCHF/Keto runner too. I keto adapted after my fall marathons and crushed spring training. Good luck!


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