Marathon Training Week 9, 10 & 11 – wth a Ketogenic Diet

Just a quick summary of the last 3 weeks, to get back on track with my blogging. I will get back to more detailed reviews next week.

Within this 3 week period I have had a holiday in France, where I did no running. However I have continued with my MAF training, before and after. Hitting low 14, and high 13 minute miles consistently. Which is a marked improvement from the 16 minute miles I began at. I still have to walk most hills, but I feel I am doing a nice pace on flat ground. I have done a couple of longer runs, around the 6 mile mark. I was still able to maintain the pace I have been doing for 3 milers. Which I am happy with, and shows I am building a good Aerobic base.

Also before I left, I did the Sedgefield Parkrun. I ran a PB, which you should always be happy with.

  1. Great stuff! Been looking for an LCHF sports blog for a while..
    Sick of hearing that you MUST consume carbs for sport..
    Good luck and keep going!!


    1. Thanks mate. Early days but I am enjoying it, which is the main thing.


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