I have really enjoyed my 4th week of Training. I did my first Parkrun last Saturday. My aim was to break 30 minutes, and I achieved 29m25s. So I was happy with that. I got swept away a bit, and started too fast. So I had a tough spell in the middle of the race. I even managed to get snapped by the official photographer too (above)…. bonus ! A shout out to my wife too, she was really nervous. She knew she could complete the course, but thought it would be a slow pace and didn’t want to finish last and hold the organisers up. Well she had nothing to worry about, as she clocked a time of just over 40 minutes. I must say it was a really well organised event. So a big thank you to the volunteers, and the founder/s should be proud.

As Monday was the Bank Holiday. The wife and I went up the Kielder Reservoir, Northumberland. What a beautiful place. What was meant to be a play date, turned into somewhat of a training day by accident. We did a 13 mile stretch of the Lakeside Trail on our bikes. You would think a trail around the edge of the reservoir would be flat…. it wasn’t let me tell you that!!!

Then I finished the week off with a Aerobic Base Building run, and I ended up doing the same course as the Parkrun. Which was around Hardwick Hall. I don’t think I was fully recovered from the Parkrun / Bike ride. My legs were a bit heavy, but the time was still similar to my previous Aerobic runs.