3 runs this week, on my continuing path to Marathon “Glory”. My rough routine at the moment is 3 runs a week. My Saturday run will be about increasing the distance gradually, my Tuesday run will be a play it by ear run, and my Thursday run will be no more than 45/50 minutes. I play in a Poker League on Thursday nights, so only I have limited time to run after work.

My journey seems a little ridiculous; I am going to be training for a Marathon for around 18 months. Normally you see 3 month or 6 month journeys. However on the Primal Endurance podcast, Brad Kearns and Andrew Macnaughton made some good observations. They were pondering why people would enter Marathons just to do them or to be “fit”. When a lot of their training was detrimental to Health, they pondered that you could only make a case for that if you were competing for podiums. Otherwise you should be training in a manner that promoted health, and improved times. They saw many cases where amateur runners times rarely improved significantly, but they kept training harder with more miles. This helped me validate my journey. I don’t want to just survive my first Marathon, I want to run well. I also want to do this fat adapted, heart healthy, and without a lot of injuries or disruption to my regular life.

So again all the runs this week, were about building that aerobic base. So running to my MAF heart rate….. 180 minus my age. So again, a pretty slow pace.

Saturday Run. I upped my long run by 0.5 miles. Felt good. The minute per mile was 16:02, so similar to the week before.


Tuesday Run. Back down to a standard 3 miles. Felt good though, and even without checking I knew I was going a bit faster than previously. 15:29 mins/m.


Thursday Run. Was looking forward to another good run, and guess what …. It’s never that easy haha. I was very slow today, with 16:45 min/m. Just could not seem to get going, I just kept breaking my heart rate constantly. It seemed to be a case of jogging 20 yards, walking 10. Very frustrating, and it was starting to get to me. The rain didn’t help!!! However I managed to clear my head a bit and tried to be mindful. I listened to my body, and tried to enjoy been outside in nature.