Lost another pound this week!

That’s 21 pounds since I started the Ketogenic Diet.  Very happy with this. I was listening to an old Primal Endurance podcast, and they suggested that a decent runner will lose around 11 seconds a mile, per pound of excess body weight. So getting down to an ideal weight will not only help prevent injuries, it will save you time. I also saw an article that suggested there was little or no differences in overweight people at the start line of Marathons compared to the percentage of people off the street. They put it down to the Carbohydrate/Sugar dependencies of runners. For example reliance on Gel packs and Carb loading.

Just 2, 3 mile runs this week…. And still very slow haha.



Patience is the key here. I am desperate to get out and run more, and run quicker. However it is vital that I stick to the ideals from the Primal Endurance book. “When it is time to go slow, go slow. When it is time to go fast, go fast”. As I am in an Aerobic building phase, I have to go slow. You could say I am over achieving in this, with my 16:30 minute miles!!!

The jist of the book is that you need to train the Aerobic System the majority of the time, and then specific spells of Anaerobic training through sprints. Apparently too many people train in the black hole between the two. Which means you gets less of the benefits and more of the pain.

I am going to do the Hardwick Hall Park Run next week, so I can cut loose a bit then.