That’s a Gluten Free beer above by the way haha.

So I have been listening to a lot of podcasts to help me on my Ketogenic journey. One of the common themes was getting out in nature and to absorb the natural colours out there. The wife and I went to Filey, Yorkshire over Easter. Even though at night we were subjected to 25 mile an hour winds and heavy rain. What was noticeable was how relaxed we both were. We became tired when it got dark, and we rose early when it became light without an alarm. This experience has certainly helped in my decision to run a Marathon fat adapted.

I have got to the point where I needed something to train for, to keep my exercise motivation going. I have spent the last 6 years doing weight lifting on an off (next to no cardio running in this time). However I wanted a new challenge. Doing a half marathon was not going to cut it, as I have done two of them before in 2009/2010. So a Marathon it is, and it needed to work around my new LCHF lifestyle. To make it even harder, I have never been an “endurance guy”. I was a sprinter as a youth and a footballer. I have never found long distance running that natural…. but I will.

I am looking to do a Marathon in October 2017. So a nice 18 months of training ahead. I needed some training tips, so I sourced the book called “Primal Endurance”. Which has also led me onto the work of Phil Maffetone. I will be following their advice, and building an aerobic base first. Which will mean I will be able to run the majority of the Marathon burning fat, as the primary fuel source.

So using Maffetone’s formula, I need to do a base period of running at a max heart rate of 139.

So I set off on my first run last Saturday. To my surprise even though I thought it was a slow pace, my heart rate still varied from 130-170. So basically a fail.

Sat 9th April.PNG

I carried on reading, and realised that you must not go over the max heart rate at all. If you have to walk, you walk.

So on Wednesday I did my first MAF test. This is a mile test, which you do every few weeks. So you can track your progress. Over time, you should be able to run quicker times at the same heart rate.

Wed 13th April.PNG

I probably spent a minute or two over my heart rate, which I was not happy with. So I did the test again on Thursday.

Thurs 14th Apr

This time I managed to stick to my max heart rate or less. Spending only seconds in total over my limit.

In conclusion, I am pretty shocked at how slow I have to go to stay at an aerobic level. I could probably run a 5k in 30/35 minutes. So to have to walk up very small hills, to stay at the right heart rate is humbling. However to go back to the beginning of the post, I should be mindful. I am in nature, getting fresh air, and getting my body moving. I have given
myself ample time to prepare for a Marathon. So why not use it wisely. I am following advice from highly educated and experienced people. They know a hell of a lot more than I do. So I am going to do what they say. Even if in 6 months, I have made no progress I would still have 12 months to make a change.